Started my love for this beautiful game when I was 6 years old and my parents enrolled me in our local YMCA league and it just kept growing from there all the way through playing college and now into amateur men’s leagues.  I’ve only been coaching college soccer since 2002 when I was a graduate assistant coach for a small NCAA DII women’s program in the midwest.  Since then I’ve been blessed to be a head coach for both women’s and men’s collegiate soccer, a competitive youth coach for local clubs, a state ODP head coach, a Regional ODP staff coach, and a member of the state staff.

One of the greatest things about this profession is the impact we have on the lives of young people.  The second best thing about this profession is the relationships we get to develop with our fellow coaches.  If there’s one thing I value as a coach is I need help.  I don’t have all the answers, and when we can come together and become better coaches for our players by learning from one another we help this sport grow and our players to succeed.

Hope you’ll be a part of our fraternity!  Would love to hear your insights and lessons learned.

  1. Eder says:

    Coach , How are you ? My name is Eder from Brazil , please let me know if you have a specific e-mail or phone I can contact you.
    Take care

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