“A” License: Day 6

Posted: January 13, 2013 in US Soccer
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Tough day for me mentally.  The morning went by fairly quickly with candidate practice sessions.  We seemed to be running behind slightly so pushed the lecture to the afternoon block.  The lecture covered restarts and systems.  A good topic that could have had a lot of depth and content, but unfortunately we were on a bit of a time crunch and so we covered highlights and moved on.

What I really enjoyed was Paul Rogers sharing one of the USWNT pregame restart film sessions with us.  He specifically chose the pregame analysis for their match against Canada in the 2012 Olympics.  The breakdown of the opponent’s tendencies and how the USWNT would deal with them.  What the USWNT wanted to do to Canada on set pieces and why based on their past performances.  It was very interesting.

I kicked off the afternoon practice sessions with my training exercise, and I was just very unhappy with the way I handled the session.  My topic was coaching a team to defend deep and highlight which passes to allow and which passes to deny.  I had spent a lot of time putting the session together and making sure I had a majority of the coaching points on the outline, but I feel that I over-prepared in the end.  I talked to long on each stoppage, over coached the hypothetical scenarios, and I didn’t achieve the standard that I have established for myself.  The feedback from Mark and the other candidates was helpful, and I just have to do better with my final topic.

We completed all of our practice training sessions today, which allows us a day of physical recovery tomorrow, and a late start.  We had the night off to prepare ourselves for the oral examination based on our tactical analysis of the USA v. Guatemala game, and so my roommates and I watched it again for 3rd time and made up questions to ask one another.  Tomorrow are the oral examines, and the last two days are final testing on field sessions.  Almost there!

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