ODP Region Camp

Posted: July 5, 2012 in US Soccer
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Just arrived in Rockford, IL with my ’98 Dakota Boys team for Region II Camp.  Tonight we went out to the complex and played a couple 7v7 scrimmages and finished with a full field scrimmage.

It’s always tough being the Dakota team at Regionals and picking up several composite players to round out our teams.  The boys need a couple of sessions to feel each other out and get into a rhythm, but we seemed to get into a flow pretty quickly tonight.

I know a lot of people are down on ODP right now, and don’t feel like it provides much of an opportunity to our players.  But I know for small states like North and South Dakota it can provide players the chance to interact with quality coaches and test themselves against a high level of talent.  I know a lot of the top players have been pulled away by the Development Academy, but in our Region there are still several states that don’t have any DA clubs and ODP can still provide and outlet for these players.

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