Spring Ball Winding Down

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Coaching Philosophy, Tactical

The spring has been an bit up and down.  We’ve been trying to implement a few things into our style of play, and they’ve been a little shaky on the results.

This past weekend we hosted a triangular and the results were a little frustrating, but even more frustrating was the soccer on the field.  We gave our opponents several opportunities just outside the penalty area because we were very lax on our passing.  Passes were not crisp, they were off target, and they were constantly being lifted.  This made for a very tough possession game, and we couldn’t advance the ball.

Our defensive strategy is coming along, we still don’t have enough experience in it and we are leaving gaps open all over the place because we are not consistent in all our positioning.  We will probably have to go back to our style from this past fall, and continue working on it next spring and see what we can do with another two months working on it.

2012 is shaping up to be a year of question marks for us right now, and I’m starting to lean more towards sticking with what has gotten us here in the first place than implementing the next big thing.  But I don’t want to throw everything out.  We will take a look at the film over the summer, watch our games from this past season, and see where we can make improvements during pre-season and non-conference play next fall.

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