Fundraising Weekend

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Team Management

One of the necessary evils of coaching is fundraising and convincing your team that it IS necessary.  This weekend we are hosting our annual youth futsal tournament, a major fundraiser for our program, and motivating our players to play their part in this event is like pulling teeth.

My personal feeling as a coach is to build the best program that is possible, and in every situation I’ve coached fundraising is a must to do this.  Small college soccer is not afforded large budgets, but we still want to create that college experience.  Therefore, the need to find those funds is crucial to building the environment and program that we want.

We have three primary fundraisers that our players participate in to help pay for equipment, travel for a big trip every two years, and spring competitions.  The indoor tournament is one of these three, and it is also a major marketing tool as well to get our programs name out to the state.

Without these fundraisers we’d need our players to each contribute approximately $500 a year, and I feel this is a significant amount on top of tuition, books, room & board, and miscellaneous expenses.  So giving up a couple afternoons and a Saturday-Sunday to help with these efforts sounds like a small commitment to me.

On the other hand it is an extremely frustrating process as a coach (at least it has been for me).  I keep trying to find ways to decrease the time commitment and increase the profitability, but it always seems to be pulling teeth to have our guys participate.  Definitely one of my least favorite elements to college coaching.

However, the youth tournament we host is a great event.  This year is our biggest year with 45 teams participating and the level of play has gotten better every year as well.  And I can’t stess the marketing importance for our program to have 45 youth teams from across the state on campus playing in our facilities and having a positive experience with our men’s program.  I think it adds a lot to the regional recognition of our college program and exposes kids to the college level.

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