Post Season Wrap Up

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Coaching Philosophy, Psychology, Team Management

Well the season is over and the individual meetings have been wrapped up.  This is just some thoughts and comments I have about the 2011 season and what I’ve learned about myself, and our team.

Season Stats:

  • Finished 9-9-1 (6-3-1) with the toughest schedule in program history.
  • Finished 2nd in the conference for the regular season (highest finish in program history).
  • Advanced to the conference tournament semifinals and eliminated in the semis again for the second year.
  • Eight players given All-Conference honors (One on 1st team, two on 2nd team, and five Honorable Mention).
  • Two Academic All-District selections.
  • Home record 7-3-1; Away record 2-6
  • Achieved three of four preseason goals (the fifth team goal for team GPA is still pending until the end of the semester).

General Thoughts

My first impression is that we struggled to be consistent, especially on the road.  However, it wasn’t a bad season, and there are a lot of positives to draw from the year.  We struggled with injuries the last half of the conference schedule, and we still found a way to go 3-1-1 in the last half through some pretty tough games.  We showed some resilience and responded at times when we really needed to step up and come through.  We did enough to finish second place in the conference standings when we were selected in the preseason to finish sixth.

We had some key freshmen really step up for us this season and they are looking to be bright spots in the next three years.  The rest of the team developed as we had expected and the returners were right where we left off last year.

One trend we noticed with the team was the struggle we had with being the “better” team.  Our team identity is shifting, and we need to develop the mentality to go along with this shift.  In the past we’ve played the role of the underdog and the under-rated team really well.  We need to start making the shift to show up and earn the result we are supposed to have.  We can’t let other teams dictate to us how we should be playing, we need to play at the highest level we are capable of and not let our play drop.

Priorities to Improve for 2012

Areas that I see a need to improve before next season are the following:

  • 1v1 defending
  • Speed of play
  • Keep momentum going forward in the attack
  • Ability to possess the ball when necessary
  • Team defending and cutting down shots by opponents

Things I Personally Learned

With the ups and downs of the season I need to challenge myself to see what is happening with the team’s mentality through the season.  I’m concerned about how we respond on the road, and I think we need to look at what we do and what we can change for our routine. 

I felt like our coaching staff did not do a good job of keeping evaluations of the players updated and available for the players during the season.  Our focus on the lines really fell through this season compared to last year, and that surprises me especially since we have a larger coaching staff this year compared to previous years.

As always I walk away from the season feeling like we did well, but still did not reach our potential.  I’m confident in the system that we run, and I’m confident that it will help us win a championship.  However, I need to do a better job of sharing that with the team and helping them understand it better.

Overall, it was a season that surpassed my expectations in some areas, and fell short in others.  I really feel good about the direction that the program is headed and where we are with recruiting for the future.

As always I want to challenge myself in the off-season to get better personally and help the guys tighten up their fundamentals.  There is still a lot of things I want to see this program achieve, and I think we have the potential to do them.

  1. Mary Tosaya says:

    This was a very thought through evaluation. I agree the team needs to see themselves differently to be a winning team. Appreciate your thoughts.

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