Mid-Season Analysis

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Psychology, Tactical, Team Management
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The season has been a series of close games for us this year, and as a typical coach I see the things we struggle in more than the successes we’ve had.

We’re one month into the season, and there is month left in the season.  Our record is 4-5-0, and our conference just opened last week and we are 2-1-0 tied for fourth currently.  Below is my mid-season analysis and a break down of some objectives I want to see for the second half of the season personally, and as a team.

2011 Goals

  1. Finish top six of the conference (qualify for tournament): currently tied for 4th
  2. Average 1.75 goals per game in conference: currently averaging 2.67
  3. Average 0.85 goals allowed per game in conference: currently averaging 1.00
  4. Shutout 30% of our opponents: currently have four shutouts, two in conference, out of nine games

Personal Analysis of Games

We’ve had a tough schedule this year, and we wanted it that way this season.  We’ve played the defending national champions, three teams who have been nationally ranked or received national votes, and a fifth team that was at the national tournament last year.  Our record against these five opponents 2-3, and in two of the losses we had the lead at one point.  Every loss has been by a single goal, and we’ve had two double overtime games.

Our record isn’t that impressive, however we’ve seen some huge successes on the field in areas that can’t be measured with just the win-loss-tie record.  For instance, our shots on goal percentage is 0.598 this year.  This means we are getting quality chances at the goal, not just shots.  Our team’s passing accuracy for the season is just under 80% at 0.77 of all passes; we’re doing a good job finding feet and limiting mistakes.  Our backs have a passing percentage higher than our midfielders, and midfielders have a higher percentage than our forwards.  To me this means we’re making good decisions and taking risks in the proper thirds of the field like we should be.

There are some areas that I have concern about and our coaching staff needs to address for the second half of the season.  We’ve allowed nine goals in nine games, not bad.  However, only one of those goals has come in the first half, the other eight have occurred either in the second half or overtimes.  We are obviously not substituting properly to maintain a level of intensity that matches the first half.  We are also giving up more corners in the second half of games, and this means we’ve allowed teams to dictate the play a little more in the later parts of matches.

Another stat that troubles me are the three leads we’ve given away to lose a match, and the five matches we’ve loss by a single goal.  We struggle to close out matches and find the goals to put opponents away.  We need to work more on game management and decision making on the field to maintain a lead, or to push harder for a winning or tying goal.

Team spirits are high, and the players are training hard.  We’re meeting our goals and objectives we’ve set for ourselves and the players see the results of those with the quality competition.  We need to start instilling an attitude of winning however in training, to help our players recognize how and when to close out a game.  We need to focus on the second half of games and be more aware of energy and intensity level.

Hope to see us learn from our mistakes and successes and finish the season strong.

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