Building a Community

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Coaching Philosophy
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One of the best things I’ve enjoyed about this career is the fraternity of coaches I’ve met in the last nine years.  Every convention, coaching course, showcase, and tournament we find time to sit and enjoy exploring this great profession we’ve all chosen.

What is it about sitting down with other coaches to swap training activities, coaching philosophies, stories of sport psychology, and the great memories we’ve created working with young people?  I enjoy attending and teaching at coaching courses because the outcome is the same; I get to learn from other coaches who work with a wide range of ages and competitive levels during lunches and breaks.  It’s a great profession when you’ve never learned enough and can always glean something from your peers.

That’s why I wanted to start this blog.  I wanted to give coaches a place that we can come together and share with one another to help us grow as individuals and become better coaches in our profession.  This is a place where you are encouraged to share!  You are the expert, and you have something to offer the rest.  If we work together than we can make an even better impact on the players that we work with.

  1. Jim Harshaw says:

    The Univ of VA AD once often talks about how the reason for athletics is because it brings people together. More important than winning or anything else is the relationships that athletics builds!

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